The MS Trust is committed to protecting an individual’s privacy and to that end complies with the eight principles of the Data Protection Act 1998, in particular as it applies to sensitive health related information.

This section sets out how you can expect us to handle and protect the data you supply to the MS Trust our trading companies and our chosen agents. The MS Trust retains responsibility, as the data controller, to ensure that any third party complies with our data protection policy.

This includes data stored electronically and in paper format, and considers financial data.

If you think we've made a mistake in any aspect of our work including fundraising, please get in touch with us.


We would like to stay in touch with you regarding our work and the support resources we provide for people with MS. However, we will only use your data in the way that you have instructed us and we will do that by:

  • • Giving you the opportunity to determine if and how you would like to be contacted in the future, specifically:

    • o If you give us your email address we will ask for your permission to use it for future communications

    • o If you provide your postal address, we will use it to communicate with you unless you tell us not to

  • • Enabling you to unsubscribe from any mailings, at any time

  • • Using the data only for the purpose it was given

  • • Only passing your personal data onto third parties where necessary for the fulfilment of requested services, e.g. to our fulfilment house for the processing and despatch of your Christmas card order.

  • • Retaining the information you have provided for no longer than is necessary and to review the data we hold on a regular basis

In line with the specific legislation related to email addresses, where you have contacted us by email or through social media, in any email response we will give you the opportunity to stay in touch with the work of the MS Trust. We will only use your email address to contact you about your original enquiry unless you ask us to use it for another purpose, e.g. subscription to one of our e-newsletters or e-alerts.

Providing your postal address will result in a subscription to our free quarterly newsletter Open Door. If you don’t want to receive this, all you have to do is let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list.


We will only collect financial information in order to process financial transactions such as debit card/credit card donations. We will not retain your financial details on our database unless it is for the purpose on a regular donation by direct debit. In such cases, you are covered by the direct debit guarantee.

Our credit card processing is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry standard.

We retain the date, amount and purpose of any gifts or payments you have made to us for audit and tax purposes, and so that we can acknowledge your gifts and cumulative giving.


We do not sell personal details to any other person or organisation. We only pass personal information to third parties where we need to in order to provide the service you have requested, eg merchandise fulfilment agencies, event organisers, or we are legally required to do so for example for the auditing of gift aid donors by HMRC.

In line with our charitable objectives, we will use anonymised data for the purposes of statistical analysis to ensure that our work best meets the needs of people with MS.

To maintain this confidentiality, we recognise your rights as follows:

• Choose what information you receive from us, and by what method

• Tell us at any time to change what you receive or how you receive it

• Object to processing that is likely to cause or is causing damage or distress

• Have inaccurate personal data rectified and, if appropriate, to be erased or destroyed

• Have access to a copy of the personal data we hold on your behalf; a fee may be charged for this service


V1 30 May 2017